⦁    Create who you are for yourself and the world. 
⦁    Design a future that is an authentic self-expression. 
⦁    Honor your past, and then leave it behind where it belongs

Is it time to reinvent? To push the reset button? 

Consider... maybe it's not.  Reinventing, at the very least, implies that there is "something wrong here." Resetting implies that is something really wrong. 

There is nothing wrong. 

There may be things you don't like, that need to be different, that require action. But, again consider, for the creative person, there really is nothing wrong. 
There is, however, always an opportunity to make changes that reflect and honor your self-expression. To start something new, or start a new way of doing things. Maybe it's always time to INvent. To create!


Together, through a regular series of intuitive and compassionate- and direct- conversations, you will be empowered to create every moment as an exquisite experience- no matter what the circumstances are in your life or your "condition." Every moment will be an opportunity to generate your next moment- your next move, your next words. Your next creation! 

It does take practice. You will have assignments and new things to pay attention to.  You may have some things to complete and "clean up"- we really want to leave the past in the past!

Remember that old phrase, "This is the first day of the rest of your life?" Let's  make that true for you for every day. 

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