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Ah... Listening.  

Listening. We think because we hear something, that we're listening. 

Speaking of Listening… See below for a nascent work in progress.  

Here is what ChatGPT (The Robot) has to say about listening:

Understanding the difference between hearing and listening is valuable in the context of experiencing music. While hearing music involves simply perceiving the sounds, deep listening involves actively engaging with the music, paying attention to its nuances, and allowing ourselves to be fully immersed in the

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Question for ya'all...  

Are things really weird nowadays? Or is it just culturally appropriate to feel that way?

This of course begs the question of… What's “real” and what's “weird”?


OK- I'll bite. But first, here's something to listen to while you read on: {see below}

To start, keeping it simple, and as such not entirely accurate and complete, REAL is what is testable and agreed upon. Oy. That leaves a lot of room for mischief. I guess it's what people you agree with agree upon. Double Oy! I wasn't intending to go down this…

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