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Ah... Listening.  

Listening. We think because we hear something, that we're listening. 

Speaking of Listening… See below for a nascent work in progress.  

Here is what ChatGPT (The Robot) has to say about listening:

Understanding the difference between hearing and listening is valuable in the context of experiencing music. While hearing music involves simply perceiving the sounds, deep listening involves actively engaging with the music, paying attention to its nuances, and allowing ourselves to be fully immersed in the

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Hello World  

There are a million blogs. Why am I writing one?

The intention of this blog is for my life to find its way into the world, and to let the world find it's way into my life.

Hello World

Here's something to listen to while you read on… {see below}

Some artwork as well: 

(Metropolis- a 3d Fractal)


I'll be sharing videos I've done, and if the response is there, I'll make more.

That's it. Hello World!

Let's see what shows up, shall we?