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Yamaha P71

This is a good one for a low price. Here's a sample review:

"Having learned to play on a grand piano at an early age, and having neglected my keyboard work for almost 40 years, I found the Yamaha P71 to be just the thing to exercise my mind, eyes, and hands as I wander off into my old age. The rather positive/stiff touch is reminiscent of the Yamaha I played on at home for 20 years. Glad I bought it. Now it is practice, practice, practice."

This one has 10 different sounds, no recording or rhythm/accompanyment function.

You'll probably want to add the suggested bench and stand too.

Yamaha p115 bundle

A slightly better keyboard, and it's got the bench, pedal and stand included. You can also get just the keyboad. I highly recommend getting the proper stand, although you might have a chair that's the right height. I also recommend the piano-style pedal that's included in the kit- the one that comes standard with the keyboard is adaquate, but eventually the student will grow out of it.

This one has 14 different sounds, as well as a rhythm section, which is nice instead of a metronome. It also can record what's being played.


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