Artist's Statement / Bio

Name: Bernie Sirelson

Born: Los Angeles, California, May 21st 1958

Primary Commitment: That all people experience their own unique expression.

Studies: Electronic Music Composition at California State University, Northridge.

Professions: Piano Teacher. Creativity/Life Coach.

Statement: We are all artists. My past has been mostly about music. Early on, I discovered the computer's ability to directly manifest conception. All my education since has been a refinement of an already existing practice of creativity. Recently, I found I could apply my abilities to the visual arts as well, creating sculptures, collages and photographic expeditions, all in the virtual realm.

In reflection, there emerges an archetype which informs my creations, both visual and musical. The themes of this archetype spiral around flight, weightlessness, timelessness, and the inherent life which pulses in the Earth itself. More fundamentally, the archetype would seem to be the foreground/background dance of the timeless, infinite Universe partnering with the organic, always evolving force of consciousness and life.

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