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Transclassical is Trance Classical

Trans: Across and Beyond. A Birds-Eye View of Your Perception.

Trance: Look Deep, Listen Deep.

Classical: Intricate, Detailed, All Parts Intended, All Parts Related, All Parts Accounted For.

The Music and Artwork in these pages can be like the inkblots for your self-invention. What trips do you take when you listen to this music? What feelings are evoked when you stare into the visual art? What stories do you tell? And, after the stories are all told, who are you- what is it that remains?

You can unveil your inner thoughts, how you've constructed yourself, who you told yourself you are. The web of words that you thought was you begins to unravel. The curtain parts as you begin to Look and Listen deeply. What's there when you're pressed up against the raw experience of Life? Look Deep, Listen Deep. All you have is what you say. The person you thought you are all this time is no longer necessarily you. Who you are is what you say.

Travel within what you see and hear. Begin here. Then go out in Life, the Big Playground, and practice Looking and Listening.